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Climbing Zugspitze: Germany’s highest mountain (Part 2)

If you are new to this post series, start with Part 1 of the Zugspitze hike.  All the details of how to get there are at the end of Part 1.

The first video saw us up the Stangensteig, passing over the Höllentalklamm, and reaching the Höllentalangerhütte for a nice Schweinsbraten (pork roast) with red cabbage and dumplings. The next morning we started early and reached the first stretch of via ferrata, where we clipped into steel cables and walked on pegs across the cliff. Kind of like this:

Walking across steel via ferrata pegs

And of course there were these pesky ladders,

Climbing a ladder below the glacier

Then the Höllentalferner glacier itself!

The Hoellentalferner glacier

I had skied on glaciers before, but in the winter they look like the rest of the ski slopes.  Never had I seen one in the end of summer, mixed with dirt and rocks, full of deep crevasses.

Enough photos for now, on with what you’ve all been waiting for: part 2 of the video! There will be at least one more part after this.  And again, thanks to Danny Galixy for the amazing music!

YouTube Preview Image

Watch “Climbing Zugspitze: Part 2” in HD on YouTube.

A few more choice photos: Scott and Bunky walking up the glacier, taking in the view…

Scott and Bunky on the glacier

And a bit later, Scott being nonchalant… I think he clipped in for a total of fifteen minutes during several hours of via ferrata ascent. It must be those expensive mountaineering boots, perhaps they cannot slip.

Scott with a background of glacier and clouds

That’s all for today.  The next (and final) post should be up sometime after the weekend.  Summit views and perhaps a bit of the train ride (we ran out of daylight, and our group’s acrophobic member wasn’t planning to hike down).

Part 3 is now posted! It took a bit longer than originally expected, but I hope it’s worth the wait!

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9 Replies

  1. Nice views ! You should probably add captions on youtube to link the three videos together.
    .-= paul´s last blog ..Using a Moka Express =-.

  2. Cool, didn’t know you could do that. I’ll have to take a look into it in the next few days. Right now I’m doing a final proofread of the book… :-)

  3. Cielphoto Dec 23rd 2009

    Great stuff man!

  4. Thanks, Cielphoto — I hope to get to Part 3 in the next week or so. Now I have the full-version video software, but family is visiting for the holidays :-)

  5. i love this. i’m a hiker who spent 6months hiking new zealand last year and this looks much more challenging. much more dangerous too.How much experience would i need to do something like this. What’s the normal hiking route like? I’d love to see part 3 of your video which looks amazing.

  6. Hi Conor, Glad you enjoyed it! Part 3 is up, http://traveldave.com/index.php/2010/04/climbing-zugspitze-part-3/

    I’d say that if you are an experienced hiker, climbing peaks with a backpack, and able to do well over 1,000m vertical in a day, you should be able to handle it. The important things are: 1) right equipment 2) good weather 3) map / knowledge of the route so you don’t get lost. I highly recommend to stay in that hut, Hollentalangerhutte, overnight before climbing the main mountain.

    The “normal” hiking route – I’ve no idea, but it’s not so steep & dangerous for sure.

  7. yep climbed quite a few peaks in nz with a pack. thanks for all the excellent information. because of your post i will be very excited to go this route. information is not so easy to find in english. Many Thanks.

  8. I had the same problem with English info about Zugspitze… so I decided to solve that problem once and for all 😉 Have fun and tell me how your climb goes!

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